our data migration approach

Our work is often one piece of a wider programme of work. Data migration services occurs for a variety of reasons, including server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or upgrades, application migration, website consolidation and data centre relocation.

We can apply different data migration strategies to performing a data migration which are dependent on the type of industry, complexity of data, and the requirements of the business.


Big Bang Approach

The ‘Big-Bang’ data migration has served us well for decades but I am afraid it has had its day.

A Big-Bang data migration execution is where you move an entire dataset from the legacy to the target system in one operation. The complexity and sheer scale of modern data volumes may mean you have to think outside of the box on your next data migration project.

Trickle Approach

Trickle migrations take an incremental approach to migrating data.

Trickle migration takes an incremental approach to migration data. Rather than aiming at the complete event at a time, trickle migration involves running old and new systems in parallel and migrating the data in phases.

Parallel Run

The parallel (or parallel run) approach: The new system is installed alongside the old one, and both operate in tandem during the transition. Updates are posted to both systems until the migration is complete. Once it has been validated that the new system is functioning correctly, the old one is turned off.

Dress Rehearsals

Dress Rehearsal basically is like running two systems ie, the legacy and target system in parallel and see if the reports tally and the migrated data are well in place.Basically the migration of legacy data is done in dress rehearsal and the testing is done in parallel to legacy system.

Hybrid approach

With a hybrid cloud migration strategy, an organization extends its internal workloads into an environment that it does not own. Performance and features you know and expect from your own IT environment become dependent in part on an environment that is provided for you. As hybrid environments become the norm, the need for solutions that can interoperate in on-premise and cloud environments will be paramount.